Battling mold yourself is not the solution

Many people believe that by getting rid of mold using bleach and chemicals they will fix their problem. The problem with that is the dead mold spores are just as harmful to human lungs as live spores. If do not seek professional help from the get go you may have only put the problem on hold rather than actually solved it.

Mold is toxic and can cause many health issues. In fact, mold produces mycotoxins that are pathogenic to animals and humans. There have been cases where pets placed under anaesthesia, in a home that contains mold spores, had failed to regain consciousness. Humans with weak immune systems should avoid mold like the plague.

If you discover mold in your home or business, just remember that some molds can be toxic and that it is best not to disturb the mold, which could inadvertently release spores in the air and create even more problems. We recommend that you contact a professional for their assessment. a professional mold remediation company will take the burden of decision off your shoulders and provide you with much-needed information. The goal is to provide you with peace of mind.

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