Seeping Sewage! Four reasons why calling in a professional is your best option

If you haven’t experienced it yourself you’ve definitely heard of it. That horrible moment when you realize that the sewage lines have busted and the malodorous human waste of ages starts to overflow from your toilet. If you are a do it yourself kind of person this is not the situation where a quick browse through Google will give you all the information you need. Here are some reasons why you should call in a professional sewage cleanup team.


  • The disease-causing pathogens and heavy metals found in sewage can be extraordinary risky to your health. Handling such waste products in without the proper equipment and training puts you in danger of contracting deadly diseases.


  • Sometimes a shortcut is not cost-effective. You may be able to clean up the sewage yourself but without the benefit of professional help you cant be sure that you got all of it and mold may form afterwards. The costs will start to mount higher and higher if after all the effort you put in to clean up the sewage you now have to fight off mold.


  • There are tools of the trade which unless you’ve been waiting for this event with baited breath you will not have in your toolset. Not only will a professional have all the tools necessary to deal with your problem but they will also have the benefit of the most current training.


  • There is nothing quite so horrible is realizing after you’ve completed a job of work and now something else has gone wrong and you have to do it all over again. Hiring a professional and will not only help you out with your current difficulties that give you tips on what to do to prevent this ever happening again.

Dealing with water damage in your kitchen

Water damage happens in unexpected places and that unexpected times. It can even happen in places of your home where you least expect it but there are certain rooms that are more susceptible to water damage than others. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, after and numerous pipes all of which could burst at any moment flooding the bathroom. Another problem area is the kitchen. It too is filled to bursting with pipes and sinks and it is used every day.


The reason the cages and is so susceptible to water damage is because it houses appliances such as your refrigerator dishwasher and possibly even your washer and dryer, the sink and the multiple waterline supplying each of them.


Most homes today have a dishwasher that with a little bit of human health claims of your dishes helping you prepare for the next meal. This device is prone to water damage especially as it ages and the hoses leading to it start to weaken and crack. Changing the hoses on a regular basis can prevent this.


The same is true for refrigerators and for your washer and dryer. The more often you change the pipes leading to them the better. It is a good idea to at least twice a year inspect the pipes and hoses leading to all these appliances.


Another common area for water damage is the kitchen sink. Of all the items in your kitchen this is probably one that is use the most often. A small it can become a very big problem if left unattended to. Even a very small leak can expel more than 22 gallons of water a day.


If you find that your preventative measures of not take effect and water has flowed your kitchen contact quality water damage Restoration Company and seek their help. When in doubt leave it to the professionals, in the end they will save you time and money and is of mind.

Understanding flood water damage

What are your plans for yourself and your family in the event of a flood? Do you have a plan to minimize the flood damage? Do you know who you would call for help? Do you already have an insurance company and if so are you certainly a loss would be covered? Floods caused by a number of different factors but think that is always the same is that they leave destruction in their wake and preparation is your best weapon with which to fight them.


The clogging of city drainage due to garbage, random soil deposits, hurricanes and of course ineffective drainage systems are all factors that will help the flood rather than hinder it. Apart from the inherent water damage that floods cause, they also bring Earth, garbage and other hazardous materials along with them and leave them behind. These materials are often extremely hazardous and should only be handled by a professional cleanup crew.


A professional water damage restoration company will not only remove the standing water in your home, but will also sanitize and clean areas affected by the flood and dehumidifier your home. There were also cleaning carpets and most importantly communicate with your insurance provider. Be aware that most home insurance does not cover flood damage. If you’re in an area that suffers from flooding you should seek out a separate flood insurance. That way you know that in the event your house will be covered. Floods cause destruction but insurance leads to peace of mind.

Don’t waste water!

The fact is that every day we waste water. Whether this is an accidental spill here, but holes left on to the wrong, and overflowing bath tub or a sprinkler system mysteriously watering the lawn at midnight they all add up to a great deal of water wasted. Now you may think to yourself” I only waste a little water”, then you may be right but if you think that way and if your neighbor thinks that word and their neighbor thinks that way and that adds up to a lot of wasted water.


What is this mean for you? Well, the more water wasted the more strain is put on California’s dwindling water reserves and those reserves are dwindling fast. To put it on a more personal footing, the more watery waste the higher your water bill will be. Here are some useful tips for not only conserving water but also getting things done in a more efficient way.


  • When cleaning up your driveway and the sidewalks around your home user broom rather than a water hose it’s much more effective and less wasteful.
  • When creating the landscaping for your garden take into account that concrete sheds water off to the side but porous materials like rocks allow the water to seep into the ground and to stay in your yard.
  • Running a hose can use up to 10 gallons of water a minute! When watering your lawn set yourself time and don’t go beyond that.
  • When you are selecting the plants to go around your home you may want to consider plants that can only need a small amount of water. If you’re trying to keep a massive lawn beautiful and green through the middle of summer in California you will pay for it.

How do water damage restoration companies determine how much to charge?


The thing many people don’t realize is that the way restoration companies process services is considerably different from other contractors. If you have ever received multiple quotes from various different contractors to do something in your home such as a kitchen remodeling you are well aware of just how big a range of prices those bids can come in at. It’s not unusual for companies to come at three times or four times the price of other companies. Insurance companies as one would expect only want to pay as much as they need to an order to get your running again. Sometimes it pays you to shop around for the right order damage restoration company for you before you have water damage.


When dealing with a reputable water damage restoration company you will find a software to estimate the amount of money’s claim. A technician can put you in all the things damaged write notes in this and find out what it will cost. A non- reputable water damage restoration company will simply quote you a price for the entire job regardless of its actual cost. What this means is that you will have difficulty making claims for individual items with your insurance company in the future. It is far better to have the right to people come in and do the job properly in the first place. When it comes to your home and water damage and especially your bank account it pays to choose right person from the get go.

How to prevent water damage when you’re on vacation

At some point all of us need to take a vacation. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip away or a much longer trip to your planning having your house prepared will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation. Here are a few things you can do to leave your house in the best condition to prevent water damage.


  • Double check that all doors and windows locked and secured keypad wind and rain. This is one of the most likely causes of water damage and one of the most easily prevented.
  • Set your water heater temperature control to the vacation setting and a shot off the gas supply to the water heater. This will not only prevent potential water damage but will also save you money and prevent your water heater from heating up water that you will never use.
  • shut off your water supply line to washing machines, toilets, sinks and of course your fridge and icemaker. The less things are using water while you’re away more money you’ll save and the more likely the years to come home not finding your home flooded.
  • If you have a basement and if you have a sump pump make sure that it is in working order The last thing you want to do is come home to find your basement flooded.
  • Some of the major causes of water damage while you’re away our leaking water heaters, appliances that started to leak, pipes that have burst and in particularly cold climates frozen pipes.


Bubble bath’s and bilge water: your bathtub and water damage

Of all the places in your home most likely to suffer water damage your bathroom is the top contender. You use your bathroom multiple times a day and gallons upon gallons of water flow through it every day. No part of your house contains more water at any one time then your bathtub. If your bathtub has sprung a leak that could lead to devastating water damage in the future and costly repairs.


most bathtubs today are made out of fiberglass, plastic and other light and easily maneuverable materials. These materials are very easy for the builders to deal with but are quite flimsy when used every day. It is in no way difficult to crack bottom of a bath tub and even a very small crack can lead to a lot of leaking. Repairs can be made to bathtubs using such materials as Bondo but these are patch jobs. If you have any major water damage issues with your bathtub you should seek professional help.


One of the easiest ways for a bath tub to cause water damages for it to overflow. If you live in a house with people who have long hair it is very likely that their hair will eventually clog the drain leading from your bath tub. Clearing out the drain is an extremely nasty job that no one wants to do and if left alone for too long your bathtub will overflow if filled up. Many believe that Bath’s running as they walk into another room to do something else and if you haven’t cleaned out the drain it is known all surprising to come bath water and find the path flowing into the rest of the bathroom.